A Community Public Art Event & Fundraiser

Produced by the Rotary Club of Los Altos • May – October 2021

Celebrate our community’s emergence from pandemic hibernation!

One-of-a-kind, hand-painted, fiberglass bears emerge after a long slumber and joyfully frolic through downtown Los Altos. More than 50 fiberglass bears are sponsored or purchased by local residents, Rotary members, and businesses.

The bears are painted by local artists: professional artists, art groups, and students. We are installing Bears in downtown Los Altos beginning June 2021, and offering at auction in October 2021.  Soon you can bid online on many of the bears, and bid live at the Gala Auction on other bears.

Our Friends the Bears

Our delightful fiberglass bears vary in size and are priced accordingly. They are prepped, ready to paint and decorate. You may choose your own artists or art group, or Rotary will provide you with an artists to decorate your bear in the theme and décor you choose.


Be sure to sign up for your bear before all the cubs are all adopted! This is a COMMUNITY WIDE PUBLIC ART event. We encourage participation by all businesses, organizations and individuals.

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Contact Carol Dabb:
Phone: (650) 941-1907
email: caroldabb@gmail.com

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